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My name is Marina.

I am a certified doula, registered with the Swiss Doula Association.

As a doula, I provide non-medical support to parents during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. My goal is to help expectant parents feel strong, safe, and supported as they bring their child into the world.

I understand that pregnancy and childbirth can be a wonderful, but also stressful time, especially for expats. As an expat myself, I am uniquely qualified to offer tailored support to parents in similar situations. Let me help make your childbirth experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

    My Story

    After graduating from Veterinary University in Croatia, I moved with my husband to Switzerland. Soon after, we started growing our family and had our two wonderful daughters in 2017 and 2019.

    The pregnancies and births of my children changed me and challenged me to grow in ways I didn’t think it was possible. Ever since my first birth, I felt drawn to support other women and families in their parenthood journeys.

    Although veterinary medicine still has a place in my heart, I believe I was meant to be a doula, a birth worker, someone who supports parents during this intense period of their life.

    Having a good knowledge of physiology and  interventions that are sometimes required during labor, I can help parents understand what goes on during pregnancy and birth, making them feel safe and empowered to bring their baby to this world. 


    I would be honoured to be your doula!


    2023  - Postpartale Depression Grundkurs, Postpartale Depression Schweiz

    2022  - Stillen und Emotionale Erste Hilfe(EEH), Kaiserschnitt und Stillen , DAIS Schweiz

    2022  - Rebozo Grundmodul , Trageschule Schweiz

    2022  - Doula Ausbildung Schweiz

    2014  - Veterinary University Zagreb


    I would be happy to hear from you!

    Feel free to contact me over email, chat or social media.

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